Infra-Red photo/filming

To be able to discover any kind of leakage, leakage that
emits any kind of heat, we use a sophisticated method by
means of an infra-red camera. On the viewing screen you
can clearly see where the leakage is located. The method is
used when inspecting district heating installations which is
located under the surface of the ground, also covered warm
water cables, large power arkits etc.

The method can also be performed during search and
reconnoitres of other warm heat radiations from human beings
and animals.

The Police force always use IR-camera during search and rescue of people lost in the terrain. The same method is for example also used when inventory of the elk strain is necessary. Particularly elk and deer are very hard to discover when hiding in the forest.

Arlanda Helicopter operate an IR-camera called Air Thermovision 1000 and we have experience of all operations described.


Performing inspections of district-heating. The helicopter follows the cable which are under the surface but clearly can be seen due to the heat radiation. To the right in the picture there are some white spots, which in this case, are sheeps on pasturage.


Inventory of elk in the deep forests north of Uppsala. With their body heat the animals clearly stand-out on the screen even when they hide in tough vegetation.

Inventory of elk